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Chaos is currently recruiting the following:
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Hey everyone, our website is now up and running!

Attention new Applicants (PLEASE READ):

If you are interested in joining Chaos please send an application via clicking the join chaos button. Any topics posted in the recruiting forum that are not auto-posted by the website will be removed and denied.

Members of Chaos (PLEASE READ):

Please take the time to register with the website. It will be used for various things and would make it much easier to have the entire roster up to date. Please feel free to take a gander around and participate and any polls/forums threads you want! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask, we are always looking for member input.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE - As of November 1st, those who are not registered on the website will be removed from the guild.***

Info about Chaos: 

 Chaos has a very flexible roster allowing us to bring the ideal players and classes to the "challenging" and demanding encounters. During progression we select the best 20(ish) players based on performance, class, gear, etc to join us and ensure that we get bosses down as soon as possible. 

 The guild as a whole is a welcoming place, with a lot of people who love everything about wow, and video games in general. Outside of raiding a lot of our players are very active with other guild members. We have a large portion of the guild that enjoys arena and are quite good at it. World of Warcraft aside, we have players who enjoy playing games outside of WoW. This ranges from WC3, Diablo, & ST2. We even have people participating over Xbox Live. For people with alts that aren't just their herbalist or source of income, we also enjoy alt raids and gearing our alts. 

 What we expect of you: 

 Simply put, we are searching for good players that do a good job. In other words, we are not looking for players who are simply being carried. Also, we are not looking for players who log on for raids and log off soon thereafter. We are not looking for anti-social players that don't do anything with us outside of raiding. We are looking for players who are willing to challenge out current raiders for THEIR raid spots. 

 We are looking for skilled players who know every detail about their class, people who are not going to be quitting anytime soon, and are in it for the long haul. Having alot of experience with raiding and playing your class are a definite must. Having as much experience as possible, as far back as Vanilla WoW for example displays how much you know about the game. We are not looking for players who can't take constructive criticism, so having thick skin is also a must! We are looking for players who generally enjoy WoW as a whole, people who seek to increase their raiding skills, achievement points, or PvP, and not someone who just logs on for raids and logs off right after. As far as gear and experience goes, we do not have any set in stone rules, however with that being said, having as close to max best-in-slot (Normal ICC) gear and as much experience as possible is a plus

Best of luck to you, 
Chaos staff 
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Zanth93, Sep 30, 10 4:39 PM.

November 1st is the deadline for signing up on the website. Otherwise you will no longer be a member of chaos.


Zanth93, Sep 29, 10 3:37 PM.
Now recruiting full time raiders for ICC25.
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